Day 3: Mission Accomplished

Have you ever owned a dress that you wish you could wear over and over ( post pictures to Facebook and no one would notice) well this is that dress. This is my favorite dress thus far...not only because it was easy to construct, but I love the versatility of the dress. I call it the 3-in-1 convertible dress. This dress was made from an olive green ( a friend and I still argue about this color) cotton jersey material.

Look 1: Draped classy front/party back-halter dress

Look 2: One shoulder dress- cross-strap back

Look 3: Bodice-style front-criss-cross back 

* There are much more possibilities that you can create with just takes a thought and a pin. This dress will bring out the creativity in us all.


  1. You are killing it girl, I love the versatility of of it!!!I can't wait for my dress!!!!

  2. thanks Ive been getting great reviews for this dress !!