Day 17: Mission Accomplished

This dress was designed for a dear friend of mine---through all the pokes and sticks of the straight pin--not only have we remained friends but she has a fabulous dress to wear! My friend chose the speckled wool material and I combined it with the stretch blue rayon material--used for the top portion of the dress. I attempted to design the top of the dress, similar to the dress that I previously made--but due to the fabric, it did not lay the same way. With a comfort fitting top--adorned with the speckled wool and twist to a classic mini--I present  to you today's dress.
P.S. The blue rayon material used for this dress would be great to use for draping a dress. 
Now if only she would come a try her dress on !!! 


  1. Although I have not been on in a while to comment,I didn't have a doubt in my mind that the recent pieces you made were not going to be fabulous as they always are if not better. Keep up the great work girl and I definitely will be knocking at your door soon for the creative look you are going to design and style for me!!!!

  2. I know...well thanks for coming on and sharing your thoughts! Ive been hard at work as you see! Whenever you are ready for your design, I will have the fabric and machine waiting for you : )

  3. I absolutely love this one!I love the colors blue and grey together, but these shades of those colors look great together especially. I also like the embroidery on the shoulders ( I call them the beyonce design lol). Keep up the good work Sade.