A New Start--Back by Popular Demand

After completing 19 dresses in 19 days...I came to the realization that I did not have the proper technical skills for proper garment construction ! I decided that I would find an internship that would not only teach me the proper skills for garment construction but help me to add variety to my designs. Over the past few months, I have been receiving such positive feedback and overwhelming encouragement that I've decided to continue blogging. My goal as of now it to continue to post my various designs and continue to receive any criticisms, words of encouragement and/or comments that you may have. Thanks for tuning in ~MsAddctd2Retail

Day 19: The Material

Neon Pink & Neon Orange Spandex Material
Pink Thread

Inspiration: Fancy

Day 18: Mission Accomplished

Today's dress was designed with fabric that I purchased at Ebad Fabrics on 8th Ave in the Garment District. I was drawn to the bright colors and distinctive paisley designed--however when I brought the material home---I hated it. I do adore the design of the dress--however the texture of the fabric in combination with design reminds me of swim wear. I combined the tulle with the spandex material in an attempt to add texture to the dress. The actual dress began as a long skirt---however I was not satisfied with the look of it so I decided to transform it into a belted sweet-heart dress.

Day 18: The Material


Hot Pink/Fuchsia Paisley Patterned Spandex
Pink Tulle
Pink Thread

Inspiration: Texture

Day 17: Mission Accomplished

This dress was designed for a dear friend of mine---through all the pokes and sticks of the straight pin--not only have we remained friends but she has a fabulous dress to wear! My friend chose the speckled wool material and I combined it with the stretch blue rayon material--used for the top portion of the dress. I attempted to design the top of the dress, similar to the dress that I previously made--but due to the fabric, it did not lay the same way. With a comfort fitting top--adorned with the speckled wool and twist to a classic mini--I present  to you today's dress.
P.S. The blue rayon material used for this dress would be great to use for draping a dress. 
Now if only she would come a try her dress on !!! 

Day 17: The Material


Blue/White Speckled Light Wool
Blue Stretch Rayon
Black Thread
Blue Thread

Inspiration: Comfort

Day 16: Mission Accomplished

I'm back with more fabric, more designs and "fab" dresses. I have been on a blog hiatus for the past few days, however I was hard at work creating some great new dresses for your viewing pleasures. I have been thrown so many different ideas and fashion opportunities during the last week...that I do not know what to do with myself. I follow the motto "One day at a time", and believe that something things will fall into place. With that being said I want to present you with today's dress. I love , love, love, the fabric/pattern of this dress--the fabric was purchased from Ebad Fabrics on 8th Ave in the Garment District. This was the second time that I purchased fabric from this store, and I must say that the great customer service and reasonable fabric prices has been consistent! The store owner, I'm assuming, picked out the fabric for today dress; which really grew on me.
Today's dress was originally suppose to be sleeveless---as I have not yet mastered making sleeves---but I decided to use the seam allowance for the sleeves of the dress shhh.... after I constructed the top of the dress, I decided that it was too plain for my liking---thus I added left over material to create a design on the right side of the dress.

Day 16: The Material


Black/Grey/Light Pink Stretch Rayon

Inspiration: Trendy & Classy

Day 15: Mission Accomplished

YAY! Fifteen days down fifteen more to go. Need to start thinking about what I'm going to do with my time when my blog mission is complete : ( I purchased the material for today's dress from my adopted fabric store in The Bronx. My mother actually picked out the polyester material that I used to construct today's dress: I am very satisfied with her choice. I decided to keep the dress simple however I added detail to the top right of the dress and a belt---to give it a bit of flare! 
I now present "Simple & Chic"
SN: What am I going to do for FALL...I would hate to get rid of my bright colors and light dresses? 

Day 15: The Material

Multi-Colored Polyester
Black Belt Buckle 
Yellow Thread

Inspiration: Simple Yet Chic 

Day 14: Mission Not Accomplished

Day 14 did not go as planned : ( I attempted to construct a dress...however I was working on very limited time. I will still try to complete the mission of 30 dress in 30 day--I guess I will have to double up soon.  So instead of presenting my wonderful guest with a new dress I've decided that  I would display one that I created before designing my blog. Excuse the background of the photo...I decided to wear this one out---> the woman in the right seems to admire this dress as much as I. Now you all can see a dress that has been accessorized- this one with a chunky cross chain I purchased from Forever 21. Enjoy:   

Day 13: Mission Accomplished

I decided to think bright and edgy as a put together this neon, black, and gold halter dress. To me, these colors look absolutely great together--especially the black and gold. I went out on a limb creating this dress---and hope that someone enjoys this design as much as I. It somewhat reminds me of something that I would see Rihanna rock with less material and more body exposure--if possible. I had a really hard time attaching the black stretch material to the dress as it was much heavier then the neon material---which caused the dress to gather in some areas. There is also some minor adjustments that I need to make to the dress. Gee, I learn more and more each day as I experiment with different fabrics and colors. I am proud of the overall design of the dress I hope that someone in my blogger world feels the same! Thanks for tuning in. 

Day 13: The Material


Black Stretch Nylon 
Green Stretch Spandex 
Gold Lion Buttons

Inspiration: Edgy 

Day 12: Mission Accomplished

Almost to the half way point! Today I decided to stray from my usual designs and construct a dress that may be worn during the day. The best feature on this dress, to me, is the addition of the braided jersey pattern at the top of the dress. I decided to use another skill of mine--braiding--to create a unique look to the tank portion of the dress. I decided to keep it simple  by adding a braided off-white rope to the dress--which created a drawstring look--and matched the white speckles on the skirt. I absolutely love the look of the blue and white speckled wool which reminded me of denim---unfortunately my camera does not capture the uniqueness of the fabric.

Day 12: The Material


Hot Pink Jersey 
Blue/White Speckled Light Wool
Off White Braided Rope

Inspiration: Day-Wear

Day 11: Mission Accomplished

I've been on a blog hiatus for the past few days...as I was away from a computer and my ECO-PRO. However, I have some fabulous new dresses that I have designed just for you ( whom ever you are). Today's dress was created in less than 5 hours. I made a quick trip to my soon to be permanent fabric store located in the Bronx, as it is convenient and the sales associates are extremely helpful. Today I chose four different fabrics-mainly stretch material, including the material that I used for today's dress. The fabric was very easy to pin and work with, unfortunately I only purchased 1 yard of it...just enough to construct this dress.
I absolutely loved the braided gold and black trimming , which reminded me of the trimming seen on an army-style jacket. At first, I was going to add the trimming to both sides of the dress, however to be more unique I added it to only the left side and used the remaining to create a halter for the top. I think that the trimming as a great texture and color to the dress. The length of the dress is much longer than my past designs--as the material causes the dresses to rise when walking (and to satisfy my mother's request : )

Day 11: Material


Black Stretch Nylon
Gold/Black braided trimming
Black Thread

Inspiration: Trendy w/ Texture

Day 10: Mission Accomplished

Have you ever visited a clothing store where the environment of the store reminded you somewhat of a car dealership? Well, that is the exact experience I had when shopping for this fabric in the Garment District. I happily walked passed the "too-expensive-for-my budget" fabric shop and a few other fabric stores that I had visited and found myself at another fabric store directly off of 8th ave ( if my memory serves me correctly). The store appeared pretty small from the outside, but once inside there was a large array of different fabrics. I looked around for a few minutes before I was approached by a very eager-to-sell gentlemen (used loosely). He offered his assistance to cut a few yards of fabric for me. I came across a sales box, which I seen another shopper ravage through and decided to take a glance. I found a brown, teal, and gold designed trimming that I thought would look FAB as detailing on a dress---and ask for helping cutting it. Unfortunately, the trimming was very tangled--making it difficult for the associate cut. 

Every other fabric that I appeared to take interest in,  the sales associate asked me if I wanted to buy it. This started to get very annoying by the tenth fabric that I touched, so I gathered my items and walked to register. By this time I had realized that I did not want to purchase the trimming as none of the materials I planned on purchasing match the colors---and I DID NOT want to waste my money. I politely told the car sales-- I mean sales associate that I would not be taking the material--in which he replied " I already cut it". Not wanting to argue... I paid for my items and vowed that that fabric would never be graced again with my presence. 

Day 10: The Material


Striped Black/White/Sheer Stretch Cotton
Black Jersey
Black Thread
Grey Thread

Inspiration: Night/Club

Day 9: Mission Accomplished

I finished this two piece dress  much earlier tonight--- I was just too lazy to upload the pictures until now. I simply adore the texture of the brocade fabric so I decided to utilize a metalic brocade in today's design. I decided to create a more classic, "toned-down" and classy dress for Day 9. I utilized a black a gold trimming to make the skirt portion of the dress drawstring. Due to the hard texture of the brocade fabric, when the drawstring is pulled it created a puffed  look to the dress--which I adore. I decided to use the black jersey fabric because it toned down the shininess of the dress and complimented the black floral print. Enjoy fellow fashionistas!