Day 1: Mission Accomplished

Through all the threads and tears...I completed my first dress! At first the toughness of the spandex material was rough to work with, but once I got the hang of was smooth sailing. The lines in the pinstriped material made it much easier to measure--which cut out about an hour of my design time. I decided to utilize the gold metallic thread as I thought it would not only compliment the colors of the dress, but add to its' pictorial design. My original inspiration was scantily clad = ) but I decided to calm it I did not want to scare away any potential guest to by blog.

I now present "Semi-Scantily Clad:

side note: Lipstick: MAC:frost:Creme De La Femme


  1. Daddy's Home!...And I likes what I See...Nah that's dress is hot though...

  2. Wow Sade I knew you knew how to sew, but i didnt know you were that talented. When I initially saw the material I thought it was very representative of you but i could not picture it as a dress, but you managed to make a very wear-able dress. The dress is really cute. Now my question is why werent you making dresses for me when we were roommates lol.

  3. @KDS...thanks I appreciate your comment !

  4. @Queenna... I pretty much taught myself. I started small--baby doll clothes at young age *of course* and move to more practical items.
    And now that I have my sewing machine...I would love to make you my muse : )