Day 8: Mission Accomplished

Whew...almost didn't complete this dress in time. Here it is 11:00 p.m. and I just finished adding the finishing touches to the dress (for the blog at least). I designed a very classy dress for my 16 year old cousin, who will be modeling for you all tonight! The rose brocade material was very hard to work with, as it shears too much and I am in dire need of a serger sewing machine ( any buyers?). I need to research a better stitch method to prevent the material from shredding--or I will just be using only jersey and spandex material for all of my dresses ( variety). So if anyone has any tips or ideas to help me with this issue it is very much appreciated.
I love love the "pleats-on-pleats" on this dress and I hope you admire my creativity !
P.S. (ssshhh...the sleeve is not attached yet and I did not make the belt)


  1. awww..this is cute imani!!! i like the pleats..ALOT! lol sade, u did a good job!

  2. the pleats and the ruffles are fab, but the one strap i'm not sure if in lovin it. Maybe strapless would be better. the concept and aesthetics are lovely. Good job!

  3. I questioned adding the one arm strap myself!