Day 18: Mission Accomplished

Today's dress was designed with fabric that I purchased at Ebad Fabrics on 8th Ave in the Garment District. I was drawn to the bright colors and distinctive paisley designed--however when I brought the material home---I hated it. I do adore the design of the dress--however the texture of the fabric in combination with design reminds me of swim wear. I combined the tulle with the spandex material in an attempt to add texture to the dress. The actual dress began as a long skirt---however I was not satisfied with the look of it so I decided to transform it into a belted sweet-heart dress.


  1. OOOOOWWWWW!!!! Good work girl!!! I love, love, love, tulle!! N I c u got ur form. Yayyy! Even though I think its better when u see the dress on, but I know u dont feel like being ur own model. :(

  2. I'm glad you like it...I didn't particular like this one...but I decided to put it up anyway!. My mom purchased the form for me last week...and your right some of the dress look better on then on the form---u get to see the real shape of it. Thanks for your ongoing support--really I appreciate it!