Day 13: Mission Accomplished

I decided to think bright and edgy as a put together this neon, black, and gold halter dress. To me, these colors look absolutely great together--especially the black and gold. I went out on a limb creating this dress---and hope that someone enjoys this design as much as I. It somewhat reminds me of something that I would see Rihanna rock with less material and more body exposure--if possible. I had a really hard time attaching the black stretch material to the dress as it was much heavier then the neon material---which caused the dress to gather in some areas. There is also some minor adjustments that I need to make to the dress. Gee, I learn more and more each day as I experiment with different fabrics and colors. I am proud of the overall design of the dress I hope that someone in my blogger world feels the same! Thanks for tuning in. 

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