Day 11: Mission Accomplished

I've been on a blog hiatus for the past few I was away from a computer and my ECO-PRO. However, I have some fabulous new dresses that I have designed just for you ( whom ever you are). Today's dress was created in less than 5 hours. I made a quick trip to my soon to be permanent fabric store located in the Bronx, as it is convenient and the sales associates are extremely helpful. Today I chose four different fabrics-mainly stretch material, including the material that I used for today's dress. The fabric was very easy to pin and work with, unfortunately I only purchased 1 yard of it...just enough to construct this dress.
I absolutely loved the braided gold and black trimming , which reminded me of the trimming seen on an army-style jacket. At first, I was going to add the trimming to both sides of the dress, however to be more unique I added it to only the left side and used the remaining to create a halter for the top. I think that the trimming as a great texture and color to the dress. The length of the dress is much longer than my past designs--as the material causes the dresses to rise when walking (and to satisfy my mother's request : )

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