Day 10: Mission Accomplished

Have you ever visited a clothing store where the environment of the store reminded you somewhat of a car dealership? Well, that is the exact experience I had when shopping for this fabric in the Garment District. I happily walked passed the "too-expensive-for-my budget" fabric shop and a few other fabric stores that I had visited and found myself at another fabric store directly off of 8th ave ( if my memory serves me correctly). The store appeared pretty small from the outside, but once inside there was a large array of different fabrics. I looked around for a few minutes before I was approached by a very eager-to-sell gentlemen (used loosely). He offered his assistance to cut a few yards of fabric for me. I came across a sales box, which I seen another shopper ravage through and decided to take a glance. I found a brown, teal, and gold designed trimming that I thought would look FAB as detailing on a dress---and ask for helping cutting it. Unfortunately, the trimming was very tangled--making it difficult for the associate cut. 

Every other fabric that I appeared to take interest in,  the sales associate asked me if I wanted to buy it. This started to get very annoying by the tenth fabric that I touched, so I gathered my items and walked to register. By this time I had realized that I did not want to purchase the trimming as none of the materials I planned on purchasing match the colors---and I DID NOT want to waste my money. I politely told the car sales-- I mean sales associate that I would not be taking the material--in which he replied " I already cut it". Not wanting to argue... I paid for my items and vowed that that fabric would never be graced again with my presence. 

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