Day 1

I traveled to NYC's Fashion District/Garment District to choose some materials for my challenge. At my first stop, Spandex House on 37th street, I was greeted by unknowledgeable and rather rude I decided to take my budgeted business elsewhere. I came across Mood Fabrics which was directly across the street, on the 3rd floor of a large warehouse. As I walked into Mood Fabrics was in awe by the vast array of designer and traditional fabrics. Because of my budget constraint, I could not help but look at the prices of the materials (first) which ranged from $10.00- $100.00 a yard. Although I am ALL FOR QUALITY, my money is not, so again I took my business elsewhere. Off of 8th Ave...I located another fabric store, unfortunately I do not remember the name; because once I saw DISCOUNT I ran directly inside. I was helped by a generous associate and I walked out satisfied with 5 yards of fabric: 2 yds of tulle, 2 yds of cotton jersey, and 1 yds of spandex material.

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